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If you love slots with interesting plot and decent payouts, you will probably like this game. Wheeler Dealer is a product of Slotland Entertainment. The main theme is crime, so if you are into detectives and stories about criminals this game can make your mood better. It is bright, exciting and stylish. If you feel boredom, you can be sure that this slot will give you a huge dose of entertainment wherever you are. Tired of playing boring slots? Then welcome to Wheeler Dealer, a game which is ready to give you a fresh experience you have never had before.
          It may be a good idea to start with playing for free. It is a good possibility to get skills, to learn how to play the slot and decide what tactics is the best for this game. Anyway, you won’t lose anything if you choose the demo version, so it is worth trying. Playing for free can motivate you to risk your money, because the prizes are tempting and the features are interesting.
          The graphics of Wheeler Dealer is pleasant for eyes. There are colorful pictures drawn in the cartoon style. So, you will quickly become a hero of the story about bad guys who came to the bank to take as much as they can. These men look dangerous and even creepy, but remember that they are generous as well as they are ready to share their money with you! The creative approach to the style of interface makes this game good-looking. It is very convenient as well because you may find all the useful buttons quickly. Robbery of the bank is never a good idea but when it comes to slots, such a theme can be hilarious.
          Wheeler Dealer is a progressive jackpot game. Perhaps it is one of the main reasons why so many players choose it. We hope luck will be on your side and you will get big prizes after the first try. You can do it if you play for real money, so if you like to risk in order to get chances to win big, this game is definitely for you. The rules are simple enough, so you will probably learn how to play the game quickly. Wheeler Dealer is a good slot for both beginners and players with big experience. Besides, it doesn’t matter what budget you are ready to risk, everyone have a possibility to try it.
          The minimum bet is 0.25. That is why you shouldn’t necessarily have a big wallet to play the slot. There are a lot of features which are generous. Read the instructions and check the paytable before  the start. The symbols which you will see on the reels are thematic. There are sevens, cash, safe, diamonds coins etc. The wild symbol is cash. It can replace other ones in order to make winning combinations. The scatter is a diamond. It activates free spins. 

          You can play this wonderful game on the go. Wheeler Dealer is a mobile-friendly slot, so if you use your tablet or mobile phone, you can start this virtual adventure from any place, at any time of the day. If you like to play your favorite games on the big screen you can just turn it on sitting at your warm house and enjoy the game on your computer or laptop. The atmosphere of this game can help you reduce stress, forget about problems and it takes you from reality for a while. It is a slot which makes a lot of players stay here for a long time.
          Experienced players know that there are a plenty of slot games which have the theme of crime. It has always been popular among players. Unfortunately, not all of them are of high quality. As for Wheeler Dealer, is a great game, which has much to offer. Energetic animations, funny pictures, pleasant atmosphere and big prizes make the game the place you will probably have a desire to visit again. All you need is some skills and luck. We hope that Wheeler Dealer will satisfy your expectations and you will manage to hit a huge jackpot.
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