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What is a mobile online casino ?

Virtual establishments appear along with mobile devices. Players, mobile operators, the administration of the Internet club, manufacturers of gaming software, advertisers are all interested in this. There are hundreds of simple online casinos that provide their services to millions of players. In 2005, when the first offers for mobile devices appeared, analytics predicted a big growth - up to 19.2 billion US dollars.

Reasons for the increase in the mobile gambling market

Continuous growth is expected due to secure access to various casino games via smartphones, which is available for every user. In fact, researches confirm that mobile gamblers are approximately 7.5% more likely to play exciting gambling games than those who like to gamble on computer. Therefore, a mobile platform designed for playing on Android and iOS since 2005 has managed to attract the special attention of a big public. You can download the gambling application for Android and dozens of exciting offers from leading providers directly from the official portal, virtual games are offered on the official portal, as well as on the application store. Users will find convenient options for games on the mobile site, where there are a lot of slots, poker, roulette and much more.

The world's first mobile gambling

Before Android and iO operating systems, mobile operators allowed their users to play on the phone. In order to do this, they decided to buy a variety of gambling games from manufacturers. They tried to supplement each game with a software. You can play exciting card games, enjoy fruit slots. However it is impossible to make real bets this way. Such applications are especially popular.

There were some games but it was not what we call a mobile online casino. The program code for the presented gambling applications was written in Java. After the appearance of Android and iOS software, all these games became possible with a program written in HTML5. Thus, the proposed version for mobile devices is not worse than the version for the computer.
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