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Skrill: cheat notes for operators

Setting up payment methods on websites of casinos is not an easy thing. As the latest casino news shows, it is quite difficult for operators to succeed in both: follow financial rules and implement the payment systems that will be convenient for users. Casinos that accept Skrill payments are gaining popularity because they are beneficial for the service provider and customer. Since some countries prohibit Visa and Mastercard from using gambling platforms, operators have to look for new solutions that will meet all customer requirements. Skrill is appealing to many operators for providing secure online payments without high fees.

Basic information about the payment system

Skrill is an e-commerce platform that allows its customers to make international money transfers. Its former owner is Skrill Limited, a company licensed to operate in the European Union. In addition, here you can read useful information about getting a gambling license in Europe. However, the service is now owned by the Paysafe Group, a company that owns payment systems such as Neteller and Paysafecard. A distinctive feature of the service is its low fee, which is a great advantage.

Skrill Payments: Transfer Money Safely

 Skrill is a convenient payment service provider for international online casinos as it is available in forty currencies. Users from the following countries can create Skrill accounts:

The system ensures the security of all money transfers and instant transactions. If the users do not know the details of the account, they can simply use the email address. As for Skrill fees, they depend on the services and payment systems. For example, a deposit has low fees, and some payment methods don't even require them. In general, the cost of this service will not exceed one percent of the total. The percentage for withdrawals is higher, it is about 7.5%. Skrill customers can also buy cryptocurrency using the service, but they need to pay a commission. The same for additional services. The chargeback will cost the customer twenty-five euros per transaction, while prohibited payments will cost 150 euros.

How do I use Skrill?

 First, it's worth noting that one of Skrill's main niches is online gambling. This is not surprising as the system is fast and secure and allows players to pay for games at any time. These are the main reasons many virtual casinos use Skrill.

So why should a virtual casino consider Skrill as a payment method for their players? The answer is obvious: it can help reach users of developing countries who have no alternatives. However, the citizens of these countries are potential customers of online casinos. Skrill can become a bridge between an online gambling platform and players from all over the world.

The next reason to use Skrill for the casino market is that the company knows how to work with the gambling industry and overcome all obstacles and risks. Gambling is one of its focuses, so operators will not have any difficulties with setting up this payment method on the site.

Is it difficult for a user to create a Skrill account?

The user can easily create a Skrill account for free. In addition to an online account, customers can order a prepaid card based on one of these currencies: dollars, euros, Polish zlotys, or pounds. In order to register in the system, users must provide all the necessary information: first name, last name, country of residence, currency, etc. After you create an account, you can top up your balance and use Skrill to pay at the online casino.

How to log in?

To log in simply click the “Login” button and fill in the appropriate fields. The system has a standard signature form.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What is a Skrill account? This is a Skrill user profile.
 Is Skrill Legal? Skrill is a legal service.
 Is Skrill a secure service? Skrill is a secure and reliable payment service.    
How can I send money using Skrill? To send money, select the currency, the amount of money you are going to send, enter the recipient's email address and click the “Confirm” button.
 How do I verify my Skrill account? Go to the "verification" page of the Skrill website, provide documents that can verify your identity, and your address. 
How do I open a Skrill account? Click the "Register" button and fill out the registration form.
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